Om Caffitaly-systemet

Years of research and development culminated in the creation of the Caffitaly System: a combined system comprising coffee machine and capsules, with both components are protected by international patents. Each Caffitaly System capsule contains 8 grams of ground coffee surrounded by two filters and protected by the innovative, airtight structure of the capsule.

Hot water is forced at high pressure into the coffee capsule and is distributed by the upper filter, flowing uniformly over every grain of coffee and passing through the second filter into the coffee cup as a full-bodied espresso with an intense aroma.

The Caffitaly System is a semi-open system, created to offer partners the opportunity for involvement in any phase of the production cycle, from the selection of green coffee to packaging in capsules: an opportunity targeting leading companies in the coffee market who wish to approach the portioned coffee segment by choosing the best quality in terms of product, service and system.

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